Recover Router Username and Password

Many people forget the username and password of the router. This is a very common problem. There are many ways to recover your username and password when you encounter such a situation.

Option 1 : Use the Router’s Default Username and Password

If you haven’t changed your router’s password before, this is the shortest way. There are several methods to find the default username and password:

  1. Check the sticker on the side or bottom of the device. Your username and password are very likely written in this label.
  2. If you can, check your router’s manual. The user’s manual also contains the default username and password.
  3. If you don’t have the option of using the two methods above, see the Default Router Passwords List page. Here we list IP address, username and password for all router brands and models. By selecting your device from the list, you can find the information you need to login.

Option 2 : Resetting Your Router

If you’ve changed your password before and you don’t remember it right now, the only solution is to reset your router. Resetting means that all settings of the router are reset to factory settings. To reset your router, you must use the reset button on the back of the device. Pressing this button for about 10-20 seconds will reset your router to factory settings. You can now login using the default username and password.

Router Recover Password Factory Reset
Router Recover Password Factory Reset

Default Router Password List

Select your router brand from the following list to display all default router usernames and passwords: